Sunday, August 14, 2011

Heritage Week Talk
A Heritage Week talk by Garry Miley “Portlaw and Nineteenth Century Urban Planning” will be held at the Heritage Centre on Monday 22nd August at 8pm as part of our Heritage Week activities. The talk will explore the social and urban planning experiment which matches many of the famous industrial Model Villages in England, Scotland and America. All are welcome and entrance is free. The centre will also be open every evening during the week. Details can be found in the library and at the Heritage Centre. We will have more details next week. For details of other events in the county have a look at

Heritage Week 2011 20th – 28th August Opening
Saturday 20th August 2pm to 5pm
Sunday 21st August 3pm to 6pm
Monday 22nd August Talk at 8pm
Tuesday 23rd August 7pm to 9pm
Wednesday 24th August 7pm to 9pm
Thursday 25th August 7pm to 9pm
Friday 26th August 2pm to 5pm
Saturday 27th August 2pm to 5pm
Sunday 28th August 3pm to 6pm

All are welcome. Entrance is free.